7 Fast & Easy Ways to Eat Microgreens Every Day

7 Fast & Easy Ways to Eat Microgreens Every Day

We all want to nourish our bodies but who has really has the time or energy to make big complex meal plans?! Wellness shouldn't be exhausting.

Microgreens are super nutrient-dense flavour bombs that bring you the vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential goodies that your body craves... but in a tiny, easily digestible form. Make sure your family is eating right. Fuel your body for your next big workout. Elevate your dishes to true foodie level. 

Here are 7 fast & easy ways to add microgreens to your daily diet. 

1. Top your pizza

Who says takeout can't be healthy? Pick up a handful from the gourmet micros blend and drop them on your pizza. Increased health level in 3-seconds flat.

2. Easy salad

Grab our microsalad blend and add your favourite dressing. Easiest meal you've ever had. 

3. Garnish your curries

Add some oomph to your curry with the fennugreek micros. These micros are a classic herb in Indian cuisine.

4. Blended into a smoothie

Did somebody just say "yummy!" or what? These kale micros are famous for being a super food and they go perfectly into every smoothie. 

5. In sandwiches and wraps

These arugula micros taste a little nutty and peppery - that's what makes them the perfect green layer in your sandwiches and wraps.

6. Sprinkled on pasta

Full sized taste in a micro sized green. Add a sprinkling of these basil micros to add some authentic Italian flavours with full-bodied nutrients to your pasta.

7. By the handful

Just grab and go! These sunflower micros are a fan favourite for families. Everybody loves them - even the little ones.  

Check out the catalog to see all the yummy micros we have in stock! If you love them as much as we know you will, you're probably going to want to set up a subscription while you're at it. 😉🌱 

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